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Brexit – bad news for the Security Industry?

Is Brexit Bad News for the Security Industry?

Alison Wakefield, Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth thinks Brexit is bad new for the Security Industry, according to an article she wrote in May 2016.  The following is an excerpt, but you can read the whole article HERE

Impact on our manned guarding industry

The positive impact that EU regulations have had on the security industry should also be recognised.  In a recent article by my University of Portsmouth colleagues Professor Mark Button and Peter Stiernstedt on the consequences of a Brexit for the manned guarding industry, the authors explore a number of possible outcomes.

Arguably their most compelling arguments relate to the variety of regulations that have come from the EU and impacted positively on the security sector: the working time directive (hours worked and paid holidays), equal pay, maternity rights, TUPE protections, health and safety, public procurement and employees’ rights to information and consultation.

As the authors recognise, clearly they would not all disappear in the event of a Brexit, but many would Security Industry Brexitbecome viable targets for the Conservative right wing that would be likely to be leading our government in the medium term.

They also note that, having always been a reluctant regulator of the security industry, a Conservative government that is free of the EU may be tempted to water down regulation even further. The prospect of the sector starting to revert back to its ‘wild west’ days characterised by poorly motivated guards from the bottom of the labour market, insufficient training, excessive working hours and criminal infiltration could therefore be a worrying possibility.

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