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Crime Figures UK – for year ended June 2015

Crime Figures UK – How secure will you be in 2016?

The latest reports of crime figures UK leads us to believe that we are more at risk now than ever before!  We all worry about safety and everyone should feel secure whether they are out on the town or relaxing at home.

These are the crime figures UK from Crime Survey for England and Wales for the year ending June 2015 overall.

Crime is on the increase

We are more at risk than ever before!

An 8% decrease of offences of theft

A 25% rise of offences of violence against the person

A 41% rise of Sexual offences were recorded by the police which is 27,602 up on the previous year

A 9% increase in fraud offences were referred to the National Intelligence Bureau (approx. 600,000)


So what can we do to help protect ourselves and our property?

When out and about:

crime figures UK

Avoid walking out alone

Try to avoid being on your own – walking in pairs means you are less likely to be attacked.

Don’t get taking short cuts down any alleys and stick to main roads wherever possible.

Be aware of your surroundings and look for suspicious behaviour.

Protect your Property:

Ensure homes are secure when you leave or go to bed for the night, check doors and windows and set alarms (if you have them).

Combination Push Button Door Lock

HG Security’s Quality Push Button Combination Door Lock

If you have access to the rear of your property ensure this is locked as it deters those wanting to break in if they have to stand in view of the main road or neighbours.  If you don’t want a lot of different keys for all the doors you could consider fitting combination door looks like these, ideal for wooden gates, garage personnel doors, garden outbuildings, as well as the home – check your door is suitable to fit a lock to.

Driveway alarm from HG Security

Driveway Alarm from HG Security UK

Fit outside lights with motion sensors so that any movement bigger that a cat will light up the front of your property.  There are also ‘beam’ sensors that can alert you to the presence of somebody before they get to your door like the ones here:

crime figures UK

Never give credit card details to people who have phoned you!

Fraud Prevention:

Never give bank or card details over the phone to people that have called you – if they are from the bank they should know the details already so ask them to read it to you and just confirm if it is correct or not.

Don’t go on to a website and click on any links because someone has phoned you with the pretence that your computer has alerted them to a problem you are having. This is just to get you to provide them with access to your computer so they can steal your details.

Use our tips to lower the crime figures UK


Remember if it appears too good to be true it probably is!

Stuart Jones

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