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Cheap Security Guard Companies – is it worth it?

A word of warning…..

There seems to be an increasing trend towards clients choosing ‘cheap security guard companies’.  A word of warning – purchasing a security guard service on price alone can be hazardous.  If a security company is charging you £8.00 an hour for a security guard, you have to ask yourself what they are actually paying the guard to do the job.  The minimum wage will soon be close to that figure.  Would you go into a supermarket and buy their value range and expect it to taste like food from a Michelin starred restaurant?  No.

Cheap Security Guard Companies - word of warning!Security Guards sleeping on the job!

Often security guards from ‘cheap security guard companies’ employ guards who are very poorly paid, have a less than basic command of the English language and have no real interest in the job and fall asleep during their shift while break-ins occur.  These security companies are usually operating on a shoestring.  Which means that they have no back up, no checks on their guards and no proper control centre.  You do not want to protect your property by an unprofessional security company.  We have witnessed guards from other ‘cheap security guard companies’ turning up on site to carry out a night shift.  They arrived bleary eyed and barely able to speak English, and the first question was ‘where do we sleep?’  Our answer was ‘you don’t!’ but clearly this is not the case with all security companies.

Cheap Security Guard Companies……you get what you pay for!

Better to utilise the services of a company that pay their guards a living wage and have the resources to keep a check on their guards’ movements and activities.  These security companies have the back up to respond to any situation that occurs.  True, this may cost the client more, but what price do you put on your property, your security and your peace of mind?  Wouldn’t you be happier knowing that when you go back to your property it will still be present and intact?  The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is never more true than when it is applied to security companies.  Digging a little deeper into your pockets will be far less painful in the long run than utilising cheap security guard companies.


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