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Best Keypad Door Lock – Push Button Keyless Entry

Best Keypad Door Lock

HG Security Lock for Internal and External Doors 40-80mm

‘Best keypad door lock I’ve seen’  –  that’s what we hear our customers say time and time again.  Every Door Needs a Reliable Security Lock.

If you’re looking for the best keypad door lock ….. read on.  There are many different combination door locks available, but how good are they?  We’re talking about the manual code security lock (not the digital type that require a power source to work) that you can fit in place of a mortice lock.  You can buy the cheapest coded security lock from about £30 at the bottom end of the scale, up to £150 or more at the top end.  Most of them share a common feature – they will only fit on a maximum 65mm thickness door, which is fine if your door is thinner than that.

…..what if my door thickness is more than 65mm?  –  No problem…..

Some doors are up to 80mm thick or possibly more.  No problem – the push button code lock sold by our security company, HG Security & Property Protection Limited, will accommodate a door 80mm thick, one of the few (if not the only one) that will.  These door security locks with a keypad have been tried and tested by many of our satisfied customers.  Do not mistake this high quality code lock for cheaper copies – it’s very sturdy and durable.  When ordering remember to tell us the thickness of your door or gate, as we have two sizes available.

So why would you want to buy this type of security lock?

Picture this – you rush out of the house and slam the door…..and only then realise you don’t have the house keys with you.  With one of these door locks it’s not a problem.  Yes, there is a high security key override feature.  Again, something that a lot of the cheaper type locks do not have, but forget about keys.  With this door code lock you just punch in your preset code* and open the door.  Or imagine you have a door that lots of people need access through (sports clubs, bars, restaurants, banks, office blocks, store rooms – to name but a few) but you don’t want to issue 20 or more keys and risk them going missing or falling into the wrong hands (apart from the cost of cutting the keys).

With one of these you just give them the code – no keys to lose, and easy access for authorised people, but with 10,000 combinations almost impossible for anyone to ‘guess’ the combination (*which can be changed at any time if necessary anyway).

Security Lock from HG Security

Push Button Combination Door Lock

Useful at home too…..if you’ve got children in and out

ANY door in frequent use would benefit from one of these combination door locks.  On large buildings where security guards are doing regular patrols through areas with locked doors.  Imagine how much a bunch of keys could weigh for 50 doors.  Do away with that and fit these locks, job done.  It doesn’t take any longer to punch the code in than it does to turn a key in a lock.  They are suitable for interior or exterior use (with appropriate maintenance).  We’ve found our security lock very useful at home, with the children running in and out to play.  You know that when you close your door it locks securely.  Most burglaries are through unlocked doors or windows, so we can now relax in our garden knowing our house is secure.  We think this security lock is definitely the best keypad door lock you will purchase.

What are you waiting for?  These security locks are in stock ready for shipment now!  Give us a ring on 01547 560022

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