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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At HG Security we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, our employees and communities. We manage the impact that our business has on people and the environment, we aim to promote social equality and ensure economic vitality. The purpose of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is to demonstrate what CSR means to us and show our application of environmental, social and economic considerations on our business decisions. We review regularly the content and adjust as appropriate. We openly engage with internal and external stakeholders to ensure all understand our CSR commitments and practices.

In the framework of our policy we recognise key areas of responsibility and we organise our business working practices to fall in line with these. Within each of these areas, we are dedicated to acting fairly, with honesty and respect.

Employees – We provide a suitable working environment for our people, we communicate with then openly and honestly, we apply diversity, provide equal opportunities and ensure fair rewards. We assist in personal development and provide ongoing training for our staff. We maintain high levels of Health and Safety in the workplace and adhere to fair labour practice and standards and we follow our core business values and codes of conduct.

Customers – We promote added value to our customers and work towards promoting CSR within our customer base, through identifying and implementing our social responsibility requirements for the services that we offer.

Our Community – We recognise the importance of supporting the communities in which we operate, we provide employment to people in the community and support local charitable organisations, and we work with local community projects to develop a positive impact locally, nationally and globally. We are committed to direct protection of the public in what we do.

Our Environment –
We encourage our employees to establish internal environmental sustainability programmes, such as energy saving practices, recycling , lowering carbon footprint by using natural resources carefully and efficiently and measuring the overall impact and seeking ways to reduce them.

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